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Plastronics focuses on pins, connectors, and sockets so our clients can focus on creating amazing consumer, business, and military-grade electronics. 

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Our Products

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Highest level of functionality

While the traditional spring probe pin is handmade, H-Pins are made at scale without sacrificing capability. H-Pins operate at temperatures others cannot, and offer a pitch down to .35 mm (with a roadmap to .20mm) while hitting core competencies of stamping and automation. Drive costs down.

Plastronics Connector-1


Off the shelf or custom connectors

Custom connectors allow for the application to be designed around its function first. Extremes in temperature and sizing, going up to 220 degrees Celsius and down to a 1mm stack height. Ability to produce small production volumes.

Plastronics Socket-1


Injection molded

Burn-in sockets, designs from off-the-shelf test sockets ready for immediate delivery, semi-custom test sockets that utilize universal components, and totally custom one-of-a-kind test sockets.


Why Plastronics

Whether your challenge is cost, capability, lead time or quality, Plastronics has the in-house technologies and manufacturing capabilities to solve your burn-in and test challenges.

From decades of experience and flexible tooling, to standard product lines and the world’s greatest pin technologies, our customers are saving money and shipping quality parts out the door. Plastronics’ patented technologies are based on solving the difficult industry problems associated with high frequency, high current, low resistance and adequate contact travel. Our unique process ensures that you get the quickest lead-times on any new project or modifications to existing products.

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